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Use this handy tool to help determine what rings can be used on your crankset. It does not include every crankset that our rings will work with, so if it isnt on the list, a simple Google search will usually identify the Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) of your crankset. We suggest double checking anyways, as sometimes there are variations of certain cranksets that we may not be aware of. Since every ring is made to order, there are no refunds if you choose the wrong item. Please check the FAQ section if you need to know the correct way to measure your BCD.

These chainrings are fully CNC machined from high quality 7075-T6 aluminum and held to tight tolerances, producing a ROUND chainring. You know how much you hate tight/loose spots in your chain, right? This is the first step to eliminating that. These are also one of the lightest chainrings on the market weighing in at 31g for a 32t 104bcd. The lightening pockets are fully radiused resulting in a light AND strong ring. They are fully reversible and symmetric so when one side wears out, just flip it over and you're good to go! The pockets are also on both sides. All aluminum chainrings come anodized in your choice colors.


These are probably the best cogs around. They are strong, light, and made of the best materials available. There is quite a bit of time put into manufacturing these, and it shows. The aluminum cogs are likely the lightest on the market. A 20t weighs in at a mere 20g, half the weight of the closest competitor, and at a lower retail price.